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         Have a limited advertising budget?

Direct Marketing can save you money while helping you to reach

your target audience. Marketing Solutions Print & Mail is here to

help your business grow through our experience, knowledge, and expertise in direct marketing and advertising. We work with

small to mid-size businesses in Michigan and across the

midwest to design winning marketing strategies. With our quick

turn around times and high quality products, we can help you

get the results you want and need to grow your business.

With 20+ years of experience, you can trust that

Marketing Solutions Print & Mail will be here when you need us!

Free Analysis

Marketing Solutions offers you a free analysis of your printed and mailed items. Since we own our own equipment our overhead is low, and we pass that savings on to our customers. Our prices are 25% less than most anyone else! You could save thousands of dollars per year.

"Thank you, we've been quite busy with all of the response we have been getting from those wonderful brochures. Also, the presentation folders leave a professional impression with prospects. I am pleased with the business cards and get a 'wow' each time I hand one out. I say that your hard work has benefitted our business and I appreciate it!"

-Tim Powers, Residential Skirting Products

"Thanks again! The post card was a hit!"

-Adam Carroll, Harbour Light Photography

"Thanks for all of the hard work and help 

you have provided over the last several months. We are especially excited to learn of the world of poli-print paper! I look forward to working with you (and calling last-minute to help us out of a pinch) in the future." 
-Courtney, Stephanie, and the whole team at ABB!


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